WHAT IS ABATE? (A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments)We are a not-for-profit brotherhood of motorcycle riders as well as non-riders who are dedicated to preserving freedom of the road and lifestyles of our own choosing. We believe that to have state and/or federal governments mandate any blanket laws through blackmail, or any kind to be a violation of our constitutional and sovereign rights. “LET THOSE WHO RIDE DECIDE” When not fighting restrictive legislation, our goals are aimed at educating the novice and the young in the rules of the road and how to adopt self-defensive, practical riding habits. We are also involved in community projects through fund raisers when possible. PURPOSE OF W.C.A.• Unite members in a Brotherhood and provide a link to other bikers.• Safeguard and preserve Bikers’ Rights.• Advocate Freedom of Choice.• Contribute to the needs of the community.• Promote safe and sober riding habits for all bikers.• Promote “cage driver” awareness of motorcycles.• Encourage and help members to vote and be politically active.• Alert members with information of legislative acts.• Report, counter and discourage biased news reporting against bikers.We are located in central Wyoming – based in Casper. General Membership meetings are held at 1:00 p.m. on the 3rd Sunday of each month at announced locations (meeting locations can and do change during the summer months so check calendar for location).The General Meetings are open to the public so if you are interested in what we do feel free to attend.

Email us at wyomingabate@gmail.com or on facebook @wyomingcentralabate

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